The Story of Journey's Steve Jobs - Founder of Apple Inc.

Here's a brief story of Steve Jobs has DEI gained from various sources

He was raised foster parents. His childhood was unhappy and he was lazy school. Even so, Steve Jobs managed to overcome all obstacles and challenges him. Now he became one of the most successful in the IT industry and the film as well. 

Steven Paul Jobs, or better known as Steve Jobs was born February 24, 1955 in San Francisco, California.His name was popular as a founder of Apple Inc.., A company that manufactures the Macintosh and iPod.

Even so, the journey of life and his career was not smooth. At Apple he never removed although eventually he came back and actually even save the company. Steve Jobs was raised by foster parents that Justin and Clara Jobs.

As a child, he felt in school is a very boring obligation. Fortunately at Crittenden Middle School fourth grade, his teacher, Imogene Hill, Steve managed to change the view. He helped Steve and make him interested in serious learning. After that, the ability to learn Steve shot. Even let him skip school and go straight to the fifth grade to middle school.
Even so, Crittenden Middle School is a school that is not convenient for Steve Young. He insisted to his parents to move to another school. If not, Steve threatens to quit school altogether.

In 1967, when Steve was 11 years old he entered the Cupertino Junior High School in Los Altos. Steve Jobs family's move to Los Altos is the beginning of the jumpsuit Steve into the world of electronics. In this city a lot of engineers and electronics companies emerging. It is then dragged Steve Jobs to intersect with the electronics.Very soon, electronics has become a major hobby.

Especially after he went to Homestead High next year. At Homestead High was the first time Steve was formally studying electronics. There also he met with Bill Fernandez, fellow electronics enthusiasts. Bill then introduced Steve to the Woz, his very genius of electronics. Woz who was five years older than Steve Jobs is none other than Steve Wozniak.

Mind you, this man who has an important role in Steve Jobs's career later on.
In 1972, Steve graduated from high school. Both parents were asked Steve where he was going to college. With a steady heart, Steve chose Reed College in Portland, Oregon.Immediately, Justin and Clara Jobs bridles. They know the schools are good schools. But Reed College away from home and one of the most expensive schools across the country. Because the school would not elsewhere, Steve's parents finally allowed him lecture there.

Although thatmeans they have to spend all the savings for college tuition. But Steve is only home for a semester in college there. Instead of a serious deepening of physics and English literature which is a department of his choice, he even studied Eastern mysticism and culture.At that moment he decided to quit college. But Steve is different from other children who dropped out of college because it is not serious about learning. He did not want to disappoint both adoptive parents.

Even if stopped, Steve did not leave Reed College. He still get into the classes interesting thought. For example a calligraphy class. At that time he had no money. To be alive, he must find a job.

In 1974, Steve getting his first job at Atari. There he is only allowed to work in night shift because his body odor and appearance neglected. Steve did not despair. He continued to work hard and save to reach his goal. Go to India to seek enlightenment. Once when he met with his boss Al Alcorn. Steve asked for money to make the spiritual journey to India. His boss agreed on condition he had to do a job in Germany. Steve agrees. Done affairs in Germany, with Dan Kottke, a friend sinceat Reed College, Steve went to India. Precisely in the summer of 1974.

Unfortunately, in his live a month-long search for enlightenment, he came back with a feeling of disappointment. Returning from India, Steve went back to work for Atari. At the same time, Steve found that the Woz has succeeded in designing a computer that is very concise. Steve noticed that his partner made this product is potentially for sale.

With determination, on April 1, 1976, Steve and Woz founded Apple Computer.
Apple's first product 1, Steve Wozniak made it. Apple's own name be used because Steve was very fond of the fruit. The next year, the Apple II was launched with great success. Apple became the most important companies in the computer world at that time.

Next, vigorously, Steve designed the Lisa project.
Lisa is a computer that has a graphical user interface (GUI), folders, features point and click, and cut and paste. Lisa is also the first computer with a mouse and affordable. But because Steve feud view Apple's president Mike Scott, Steve removed from the Lisa project and was appointed Chairman of the Board. With this position it the name of Apple's Steve managed in the national media just before Apple went public on December 12, 1980.

And when Apple went public, Steve shares originally worth 7.5 million U.S. dollars rose to 217.5 million U.S. dollars. Steve suddenly became wealthy young man. However, this is not desirable. Steve wants to be involved directly in any product developed by Apple. He then formed a team of R & D and building a computer called the Macintosh.

Initially, the project spearheaded by Jef Raskin was intended to make a $ 300 computer that is easy to use. Although like the idea, but Steve insisted to make the Macintosh became economical version of the Lisa, including all graphics features breakthrough.When IBM launched its PC in 1981, Apple began to get tight competition.

Even though it has lagged far behind IBM PC Apple II, and yet still capable of eroding the Apple II market. Apple responded by launching products and Apple III and Lisa, but both failed. Although Lisa has a revolutionary GUI facility, but the price is 10 thousand dollars is too expensive.

The launch of the Macintosh on January 24, 1984 also does not help Apple. Products are only interested by the campuses in the United States. This makes Steve stripped of all its position in the division of the Mac and Lisa. Not at home isolated and given the positions that are not associated with product design, Steve chose to resign from Apple. Realizing the potential of the Macintosh is quite good atthe campus, he persuaded five of his colleagues to come out of Apple.

They founded NeXT Computer Inc..On October 12, 1988, their first product launched the NeXT Cube. A number of innovative technologies such as magneto optical drive and a digital signal processor, and an ethernet port (to connect to the network) have been provided. But the price is very high, ie above 6000U.S. dollars. On campus for the ability of consumers who only have the budget for 3000 dollars worth of computers. Sales of the NeXT Cube is very slow. Steve then expand the target to the outer segments of education. He then launched the NeXT Station in 1990.

NeXT Station is that exhibited significantly improved compared to the Cube, but because the price is still quite expensive, 5000 dollars, even this product is less acceptable to the market. Having continued to lose money, eventually leaving NeXT hardware division and concentrate on NeXTSTEP, the operating system running on the NeXT.

In 1995, Apple Computer at their lowest.
Although able to continue to survive from the sales of Macintosh which is the only computer with a GUI at the time, Apple's got tough competition from Microsoft. Microsoft, the software company that originally made the program for the Mac has grown into a large enterprise. One of them because they sell MS-DOS operating system for PCs. Even as inspired by Mac OS, Microsoft then developed a GUI for DOS, namely Windows.In 1995, when Microsoft introduced Windows 95, the operating system was immediately greeted with a verygood market.

As a result, Apple's market continues to erode and only 5 percent. Apple's CEO at the time, namely Gil Amelio fought hard to be able to save the company. One plan is to launch an operating system that can compete with Windows NT .Initially he intended to buy BeOS. But the void, finally on December 20, 1996, Apple's operating system to choose NeXT Software Inc..and buy the company.

This is the beginning of the return of Steve Jobs to Apple Computer Inc..Next two quarters, Apple continues to lose money. Gil Amelio was removed and replaced by Steve Jobs, if only temporarily. The first step is to clean Steve Board of Directors. Including some people who could "get rid". This he did solely in order to save the company. Steve also canceled some projects and cut its budget as much as possible.

On August 6, 1997 he even took the radical step. He worked with Bill Gates. Yet when it was Apple and Microsoft are bitter enemies. Bill invest$ 150 million U.S. dollars in Apple and promise to continue to release a version of Office for Mac. Instead,Apple makes Internet Explorer the default browser on Macs.

Finally, in early 1998, Steve held the announcement. After several years of losses hit, Apple managed to make profits. Apple be save from the brink of bankruptcy. Steve was a hero in the company he founded.
On May 6 the same year, Apple released the iMac. It turned out to be a computer all in one elegant, very sukeses. Steve Jobs' leadership proved capable of bringing Apple into making it a much better re-elected as permanent CEO of Apple.

Precisely on January 5, 2000.
About a year later, Apple presents a phenomenal product that is launching the operating system Mac OS X 10.0 and UNIX-based NeXTSTEP.
On 23 October the same year, Apple launched the iPod.Under Steve Jobs, Apple's now back flying with their products which always has an elegant design and innovative. Behind all the success achieved by Steve, there is one person who is quite influential there. Kobin Chino Otogowa, teacher Steve, a Buddhist monk he knew in the early 1970s. This priest who convinced Steve to pick founded Apple and not become a monk.Kobin Chino Otogawa also who became the prince when Steve married Laurene Powell, a graduate of Stanford graduate in 1991.
Laurene remain faithful to accompany Steve on hard times until the return to glory. The couple lived in Palo Alto and their three children.

Steve Jobs has died at the age of 56years. Former CEO of Apple who is remembered as oneof America's best CEOs, died on Wednesday, October 5, 2011 after years of fighting against cancer and a host of health problems. Jobs announced Apple's death in an announcement Wednesday night. Silicon Valley icon is remembered for his services entertaining the world with the iPod and iPhone.Last August, he had just handed the CEO position to Tim Cook.Jobs, who has been wrestling with Pancreatic cancer isa life and spirit for companies that compete with Exxon Mobil as the most valuable companies in the United States.

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