Nokia Sun, Another Windows Phone Issue

Nokia Sun
Nokia reportedly will unveil a Windows mobile phone at an event titled Phon Nokia World later this month. The level of a growing issue, the discussion was centered on three main smartphone Windows Phone; Nokia Sea Ray, Ace, and Sabre.

Based on rumors Pocketnow released, in addition to these phones there was a new mobile phone made by Nokia-based Windows Phone Mango which has now appeared in the virtual nature. Through a screenshot which is said to be a list of phones that will come to the operator Orange in France is Nokia Sun.

According to the existing list of specifications, Nokia Sun stated will come with 1.4 GHz processor, 3.7-inch screen SuperAMOLED, 8 MP camera, and memory of 16 GB on microSD card. Party operator, Orange, Nokia estimates that Sun would be present in the second week of November. By going to release Windows Phone on Nokia, hopefully there are also changes in application development on Windows Phone, because so far the applications that are owned by the smart phones is still small.

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