Intel Determined to Become a Leader in Performance Affairs Smartphone

Intel Inside
The CPU vendor; Intel, did not enter into the realm of smartphones to date. However, based on the latest information rumored that Intel was preparing to enter the smartphone market in 2012.

As told by Cash Yoshida, Vice President Of Sales and Marketing of Intel, as DEI result via TechRadar, said that although it was 'too late' to enter the smartphone market, Intel still offers better performance than its rivals.

"We want to be number one in terms of performance," said Yoshida. "There are a lot of demand for applications that require performance, so we need to be good at the time but westill need to 'catch-up' with the Android ecosystem." he continued.

Associated with Intel's plans to enter the realm of smartphones, some time ago, Google had said that the Android OS will also be optimized for a chipset made by Intel.

Whether Intel is able to show up as a vendor for the smartphone market as well as the CPU can be a competitor who was well respected by its rivals who had already entered in this realm. Go Inside, Intel!

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