Nuance Acquisition Swype

Swype recorded keyboard technology is very popular among mobile phone users touch the screen. Swype Inc. is a company that stands behind the success of a predictive QWERTY keypad technology for touch screens. Although only 3 years old, the company recorded yielded very good results.

Nuance Acquisition Swype

Latest news via Reuters quoted, Nuance Communications (NUAN), a manufacturer of software "speech recognition" and "digital imaging", will be poured funds amounting to 102.5 million dollars to acquire ownership of Swype.

In the early stages Nuance already known to deposit funds at least 77.5 million dollars for shareholders Swype, the remainder will be paid 18 months later after an agreement is reached.
Nuance acquired of decision Swype Inc. believed to be part of an effort to minimize competition FlexT9 keyboard, which is a direct competitor of Swype on the Android platform (possibly other platforms), both for smartphones and tablets.

For information, Nuance Communications in recent years has taken several steps such acquisitions in 2007, where Nuance bought Tegic Communications (makers of T9 text input predictive software).

In August last, Nuance was purchased Loquendo, developers of the technology unit of Telecom Italia's voice. In addition, last year Nuance acquired ShapeWriter, similar with Swype applications, IBM Research's.

Currently, voice recognition technology (voice recogintion) Nuance's even been used by Apple's latest smartphone, the iPhone 4S, with the name "Siri".

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