Apple iPad 3 Using High Definition Display | Rumor

Apple will announce the newest generation iPad called iPad 3. It is estimated iPad 3 will be released in March 2012.

Last info says that Apple is hesitant to choose what display technology will be applied on the iPad 3 later. Rumor is iPad 3 will use the High Definition Display made by Samsung and LG. The use of HD displays in iPad 3 this as one of the most requested upgrades by the user.

A source who obtained the CNET site even mentions the iPad 3 with 9.7-inch touchscreen will have a pixel density of 264ppi. That is, the pixel density on the iPad 3 was two times higher than that existing in the current iPad 2 (132ppi). iPad 3 with HD displays will enter the production period in November 2011 so that it can meet the expected demand forthe iPad 3 is much higher than the iPad 2.

Improving the quality of the Retina display on thescreen like Apple's products can be viewed on iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. And the upgrade is likely to be applied to the iPad 3 and upgrade to cameras, storage and body too.

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