New iPad Is not the Best

New iPad Is not the Best - Not everyone is saying, or maybe you do not agree with the title New iPad Is not the Best in this article. I possessed the view that New iPada is not the best because the main reason is the tablet does not have a quad-core CPU.

In addition to the above reasons and despite exists possess a high resolution 2048 x 1536 pixel display Retina and 5 MP camera to capture pictures 1080p HD and support 4G LTE, but the tablet is also not saving battery power. There was also minus a fast quad core processor as a rival product.

Then what is the comparison with other tablets? Here are some tablets that have a better performance than the iPad, both in terms of processor speed and a lowerprice:

Asus Transformer Pad 300
Asus tablet has a 10.1 inch which is supported by the Android 4.0 operating system. To spur the kitchen Transformer Pad 300 uses quad-qore processor 1.2GHz with Nvidia Tegra 3. This tablet are priced at USD379, 99 has a storage capacity of 32GB and 1GB RAM.

Asus Transformer Pad 300 Tablet has a battery life of up to 10 hours and can be extended up to 15 hours with additional optional Keyboard Dock for USD149. With a dock full keyboard and touch pad, making it function like a tablet laptop devices. Dock keyboard has specific keys for quick access to the tablet functions.

This tablet comes with a weight of 653 grams, has a screen with a resolution of 1280x800 pixels and adopting Tegra 3 chip. Thus, capable of delivering powerful gaming experience with the ability 12 core graphics of the integrated. Asus tablet has an 8 megapixel rear camera that can capture images at 30 frames per second. Then, pasted to the front of the camera 1.2 megapixel camera.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1
Tablets made by Samsung uses the latest operating system Android, Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS). But that's just the spokesman delivered without elaborating further.

The new tablet is expected to have a super fast processor, the Samsung Exynos 4412 quad-core. Galaxy Tab 10.1 is currently only has a 1 GHz dual-core processor with Nvidia Tegra 2.
In addition to quad-core chip and software ICS, the new tablet has built-in remote control universal. Intelligent Remote feature allows you to switch TV channels or Blu-ray player. Samsung announced that the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 will be priced at USD400. Galaxy Tab priced at $500 as early as the iPad.

Acer Iconia Tab A510
The tablet is equipped with quad-core 1.3 GHz NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor with 1 GB of RAM, screen resolution of 1280 × 800 10.1, rear 5MP camera and 1MP front camera. The tablet has a capacity of 32GB of internal storage via microSD card. Acer tablet has been equipped with the latest Android 4.0 operating system. Acer Iconia Tab A510 is expected to be priced at USD449, 99

Google Nexus Tablet
Google Inc. and ASUS reportedly working on a tablet that's cheap but has a strong performance. Google plans to release a Nexus tablet 7inch is priced at USD149 and$ 249

Unfortunately the Google delayed the launch of a tablet. Google is awaiting some supporting components such as the Nvidia Tegra 3 SoC and DDR2 memory and is expected to fall by mid-year. So that it automatically push the sales price.
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Windows Launches Windows RT

Windows Launches Windows RT - Microsoft's latest operating system, Windows 8, is still a promise that will be launched at the end of the year. But even this giant software company has given an official name for each version of Windows 8. And what is Windows RT?

There are three main versions of the Windows 8, as quoted from the official Windows team blog. First, the Windows version 8 (plain). Dedicated to the users PC to use the mediocre.

windows RT

The second version is Windows 8 Pro. This version is targeted segments of the business, application developers and technology enthusiasts. Microsoft claimed, many business-friendly features on Windows 8 version Pro, including encryption capabilities, virtualization management, and domain connectivity.

Both Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro, running on the computer and the tablet with x86/64 architecture processor (32 bit and 64 bit). For devices with ARM processors are currently in general use for the tablet, it will use Windows 8 RT. This is the official name of the operating system Windows 8 for ARM . RT stands for "Run Time".

In Windows 8 RT, there is a free version of Microsoft Office includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. This software is optimized for touchscreen. But no software built multimedia for Windows Media Player in this version.

source Kompas Mobile
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Panasonic Lumix GF5

Panasonic Lumix GF5 - Panasonic announced a new compact camera is the Panasonic Lumix GF5. The digital camera are claimed to have a complete feature and can enhance the user experience of photography . Panasonic Lumix GF5 comes with the ability of Live MOS 12 MP sensor. Panasonic 's latest camera has the ability interchangeable lens system that allows the user to change lenses as you wish.

Panasonic Lumix GF5
foto: Panasonic Lumix GF5

Panasonic Lumix GF5 camera features include the ability sensitivity settings up to ISO 12800, noise reduction system that includes a combination 3DNR (3D Noise Reduction) and MNR (Multi-Prosess Noise Reduction). The combination can reduce the level of interference, both in the dark and bright images.

In addition, the Panasonic Lumix GF5 camera is also equipped with 3 inch touch screen with 920,000 dot color density. Lumix GF5 can also record full audio video High Definition ( HD ) 1920 x 1080. Panasonic Lumix GF5 camera produce AVCHD video format .. When the user activates the video recording mode, the camera lens focused on an object can be changed at will.

Panasonic Lumix GF5 also has features such as Soft Focus filter, Dynamic Monochrome, Impressive Art, One Point Color, Cross Process, Low Key, Toy Effect and Star Filter. In addition, the advanced camera also has smart features such as Face Recognition, Intelligent D-range Control, Intelligent Scene Selector, and Intelligent ISO Control.

Lumix GF5 camera is available in various colors black, white and red. With a price tag of approximately USD599, users get a camera with standard lens 14-42mm zoom. And Panasonic also offers options for the price of USD749 for the camera with power zoom lens 14-42mm. Interested?
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Logitech Mini Boombox

Logitech Mini Boombox - Logitech will launch the portable speakers, Mini Boombox. Speaker Logitech Mini Boombox is not only used for listening to music, but also can be used to receive or make phone calls. Logitech Mini Boombox will be useful, especially for motorists who want to keep listening to music entertainment while driving, but do not want to be bothered when you had to accept the call.

logitech mini boomboox

While driving, usually the current difficulties should receive a call while driving a car, let alone the condition it is also prohibited. But with the Logitech Mini Boombox, direct touch can make calls without to the ear.

In Logitech Mini Boombox speaker the only has 'Play', 'Stop', 'Next', 'Back' button and volume button, and Bluetooth. To connected the music on mobile phones with speaker, users simply press the Bluetooth button on the speaker for 5 seconds or there is a Logitech logo indicator will blink red and blue.

While on the phone, users can search the name Bluetooth and can instantly when paired Bluetooth "Mini Boombox" was found. All good music commands to the command 'Play', 'Stop', 'Next', 'Back' can be done in the speaker. If the volume is less hard, can be added to the volume on the phone.

Basically, all the phones that have Bluetooth or A2DP Bluetooth connection can be paired with the Mini Boombox speaker. Speaker device also does not distinguish the operating system (OS) running on the phone. When you want to listen to the sound louder, Mini Boombox speaker can also be connected with a great speaker. The way is connect the cable to connect the speakers behind the Mini Boombox. The same way can also be done at the time of receiving a phone call. When a call comes in, the user is in a vehicle driving condition need only press a button on the speaker phone. With automatic, the user is like talking to someone else, without having to get closer to the speaker or ear phones.

Logitech Mini Boombox has a storage battery is rechargeable, just like a regular phone. Mini Boombox Speaker can hold up to 10 hours of normal use of the battery charging only 1-2 hours. The colors available are black, brown, and white, with a price is $ 99.
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Canon EOS 60Da Camera Full Specs

Canon EOS 60Da Camera Fulls Specs - Canon's EOS 60Da is a DSLR made for astrophotographyand uses a modified infrared filter and a low-noise sensor with heightened hydrogen-alpha sensitivity in order to reduce noise while capturing celestial images. Canon EOS 60Da has an 18-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, an articulating 3-inch LCD with a 1.04m-dot resolution, andan expanded ISO up to 12800.

Canon EOS 60Da camera

Canon EOS 60Da Camera Full Specs
  • Camera type: DSLR
  • Color: Black
  • Sensor size: APS-C (Canon)
  • Sensor type: CMOS
  • Effective pixels: 18 megapixels
  • Controls Minimum: ISO 100
  • Maximum: ISO 12800
  • Display Size: 3 inches
  • Resolution 1040000 dots
  • Articulating / hinged screen: Yes
  • Software RAW support: RAW, RAW + JPEG
  • Lens Interchangeable: Yes
  • Lens Supported mounts: Canon EF, Canon EF-S
  • Ports Video out: Yes
  • Connection(s): AV Multi
  • Battery Removable: Yes
  • Bundled accessories: AVC-DC400ST Stereo AV Video Cable, RA-E3 Remote Controller Adapter
  • Status : Announced
  • Availability date : April 2012
  • Price at launch : $1,499.00
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Canon EOS 60Da Camera for Space

Canon EOS 60Da for Space - Canon recently announced the Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) new, Canon EOS 60Da. The camera is designed specifically to be able to capture and preserve sight in the sky. Canon EOS 60Da is a further development of the EOS 20Da, this camera is suitable for users who like to capture the beauty of the night sky.

Canon EOS 60Da camera

DSLR camera uses an infrared filter and low noise sensor with a sensitivity of hydrogen-alpha. The modification allows the camera to capture the space object, such as stars, nebulae and cosmic phenomena.

Canon EOS 60Da is a camera that meets the needs of each customer, including those in the field of special hobbies (astronomy). This new camera that allows users to capture images accurately in our solar system, which can not be captured by conventional cameras.

Canon EOS 60dA camera features with 18MP resolution CMOS sensor which is claimed to produce sharp images and high contrast of sky objects. There is the ability of hydrogen-alphalight sensitivity is three times higher than other Canon DSLR camera series.This increase will be able to deliver 20 percent higher transmission, so users can capture images with sharp and clear.

Canon EOS 60Da camera also has LCD screeen 3" with a density of 1.04 million color dots that can be played (flip-out). EOS 60Da camera can also be integrated with the AVC-DC400ST Stereo AV Video Cable which serves to show views of the sky on a monitor or TV screen via the Live View mode. These sophisticated cameras can also be paired with a telescope through via third-partyT-ring adapter and supports super-telephoto EF lenses.

For light intensity, there is an ISO setting of 6400 to 12,800. The camera also has features like autofocus system, full manual control and supports the ability toimage recording, RAW, JPEG, and RAW + JPEG. Canon EOS 60Da camera price will be thrown into the market with a pricetag of USD1.499.
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