First Nokia 800 ads spotted, announcing the arrival WP7

With Nokia World only a few weeks away, the anticipation is palpable for the debut of the company's first Windows Phone (or perhaps phones, plural). Combined with earlier marketing material that we saw, these first print ads seem to solidify the fact that the device formerly known as Sea Ray will be marketed as the Nokia 800, although some evidence suggests that it may also be branded as Lumia in certain markets. Othercodenames swirling around include Sabre, Sun, and Ace, although we'd be surprised to see more than two handsets included in this initial rollout.

From these particular advertisements, it seems like Nokia is trying to position its Windows Phones as companions for life's daily adventures. This feels somewhat in contrast to Microsoft's initial ad campaign for last year's US WP7 launch, where the major selling point of the operating system was its supposed ability to minimize the amount of time spent fiddling with your handset. We imagine that for the majority of early adopters, it's Nokia's approach that will play better.

Source PocketNow

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