Akash Ubislate 7 Present In America

Akash Ubislate 7 which is an Android tablet made in India are present in America and got a test on the performance of Ubislate it there. The presence of Akash Ubislate 7 in America are not brought by local residents but from a Vivek Wadhwa who was a professor from India.

Precisely, Vivek Wadhwa brought Akash Ubislate to VentureBeat office. In these places, Akash Ubislate in 'total loading' of performance, ranging from the display, the process of loading, access speed, sensitivity on the Android tablet screen and other parts. And the result, quite impressive when seen from the prices given on Akash Ubislate 7. See details about the Akash Ubislate 7 or source link of this article.

With Android-based on Akash Ubislate 7 will be distributed by the government subsidized price of $ 35, so the cheapest in the world of Android devices. The general retail price will be $ 60, which is still very cheap for such a powerful device.

And next month, the first tablet Aakash will go on sale across India.

Source VentureBeat

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