Samsung Nexus Prime on Video

Samsung's latest phones, Nexus Prime seemed to have been highly awaited by lovers of gadgets. Since emerging with some rumors in the weeks yesterday that displays images up to several specifications of Nexus Prime. And now circulating a video review of phone similar to Samsung Nexus Prime on the internet.

Indeed, the official launch of the Samsung Nexus Prime was only a matter of days, on 11 October. If you notice, the video appears to be little difference compared to the Samsung Nexus S, such as proximity sensors and positioning sensors screen brightness.

Another difference from the Nexus Prime and Nexus S compared to the plastic material of the border, which is smaller. And, the video display is visible lack of capacitive buttons below the screen, which is replaced with touch icons on the Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

In the video show the review mentioned that the smartphone is Nexus Prime. But, if it turns out HOAX (false) then at least would make the video viewers whohad hoped and imagined body look and features of Nexus Prime will become confused.

Based on the info search DEI, that there will be two versions of the Samsung Nexus Prime. First, output in U.S. operator Verizon, which likely is shown in the videoreview. Furthermore, the global version, which do not yet know the truth too. DEI is still looking for info, if you know please leave a comment to share

Source Mobilissimo, YouTube

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