Google to Launch MP3 Store

Google is a great company that is always growingand developing in all things, a company that is almost perfect with all the services that are owned. Of education, technology and business is almost available on Google.

And recently, the New York Times reported that Google will launch its new MP3 store, which is likely to expand Google's business in the music business. According to sources in the industry, the MP3 store will be directly connected to the Google Music Beta and may begin within the next few weeks and probably before Apple introduced the iTunes Match at the end of this month. And also, by opening the Google MP3 store, Google will make competition with Apple and Amazon.

Actually, the project in the Google MP3 store business has long proclaimed by Google but now it is almost finished with the still negotiating with the record label music for day. But unclear whether Google will be necessary to close a deal with labels and music publishers in time to open full service shop.

Source NYT

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