10 Facts About Steve Jobs

    10 Facts About Steve Jobs
  1. His full name is Steven Paul Jobs
  2. He was born in San Francisco, February 24, 1955
  3. Steve Jobs was raised by adoptive parents
  4. Fernadez who introduced Steve Wozniak with Steve Jobs
  5. Atari is a company where the first time Steve Jobs worked
  6. Steve Jobs make a spiritual journey to India with his partner and Kottke at the expense of Alcorn, his bossat Atari
  7. Otogawa Kobin Chino, Steve Buddhist teacher who convinced Steve to become a businessman and opened Apple in 1976
  8. Steve resigned from Apple in 1988
  9. He founded NeXT Computer Inc.. and pick up a few colleagues at Apple.
  10. December 1996, Apple bought Next, Steve returned to the company he founded.

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