Windows 8

windows 8 wallpaper
Microsoft reportedly has confirmed a new version of Windows, called Windows 8.

The latest information is spread within a site microsoft Dutch ''Verder werkt aan de volgende Microsoft uiteraard versie van Windows. Maar het zal nog zo? N tweejaar duren voordat? Windows 8 'op de markt komt.''
Which if translated is ''Next, Microsoft, of course, working on the next version of windows. But it will take about 2 years? Windows 8 'before available in the market.''

Previously, Windows 8 is already widely heard as one Microsoft employee inadvertently leaked the new OS this untukdesktop. Certainty Windows 8 itself is obtained after one of the sources revealed that the software giant has been testing the OS in the final stage. However, the presence of Windows 8 is guess will not come in 2 years from now. It is possible, coz Windows 7 is in very good sales.

Some of the features present in the next version of Windows should include Windows App Store, which is similar to that introduced Apple for Mac. Another that is where the log through facial recognition and boot-up time is faster too will become a mainstay of Windows 8.
Apple has released the latest OS to MacOS X Lion form earlier this week seems to be a reference for Windows 8 to have to develop some impressive features to remain competitive. But the three-year gap between operating systems is nothing new for Microsoft.

Seattle-based company has a history where they have more time to develop and deploy new versions of desktop operating system ever.
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