DVW-W13 | Multifunction Watches Currently


Many Digital Electronic device that combines several capabilities in one package. For example, the camera features, music player, video recording, or voice recorder. All the skills possessed by almost all cell phones that you have now.

Then, what if you use the watch has features like the above? It must be great and amazing, especially as media 'spy' like a secret agent.

DVW-W13! Yes, with this gadget, you can do whatever you want .. recording the conversations of people, taking pictures without the knowledge of others, and record video.  

By owning DVW-W13, multifunction watches, the days you feel like challenging. With 8MP camera, all the items that we aim at will be clearer, although without the auto focus. Similarly, for video recording, DVW-W13 was able to record video with a good quality because it already has the capability HD Video Recording (1280 x 960 pixels @ 30 fps). And its can also be used to record sound.

Here Specifications DVW-W13
Video :
- Format AVI
- Encoding M-JPEG
- Resolution 1280x960 piksel
- Frame Rate 30fps

Picture :
- Format JPG
- Pixel 8MP (3264x2448 piksel)
- The Ratio Of Image 4:3

Media Playing Software :
Attached software of the oprating system or Mainstream audio and video media playing software.

Supporting :
Windows ME/2000/XP/2003/VistaMac O/S Linux.

Battery capacity :
- 200mAh
- Working time 70 minutes
- Charging voltage DC-5V
- Interface type 2.5 4 Pin USB
- Battey Type Lithium polymer

Storage support Nand Flash
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