Android Browser Faster than the iPhone

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A study related to a browser that is owned byAndroid and iPhone 4 has been carried out by Blaze Software. And the results of these studies revealed that the Android web browser is significantly faster than in Safari mobile browser on iPhone is adan.

In making this comparison, the Blaze Softwarehas claimed that 45,000 separate series of tests performed on 1000 different web pages.

While the devices used in this comparison test, the examiner uses Android 2.2 and 2.3, and tested the device the iPhone 4 is a platform with IOS 4.2 and 4.3. From the results of the test recorded turned out to mean that Android's browser-governance 52% faster than the iPhone.
Not only compare the speed of the browser, in doing loading a web page, the browser faster Android 84% of the iPhone. This test is in test at 1000 pages.

Well, the conclusion of the author.... When viewed from the test browser speed tests and loading, of course Android becomes a choice, but to a comfortable second of operation, the authors chose the iPhone .. However, all options remain on you, determine your options.
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