Advanced Design & Futuristic PlayStation 4

PS 4
After the previous Sony has successfully launched its predecessor product that is Playstation 3. Now Sony seems to have prepared? ready to re-create the design for the new product is claimed as the Sony Playstation 4.  

Reportedly now Sony was working with Intel to launch the Playstation 4. At the time of the Sony launched the Playstation 3, the company argued that these game consoles will be around ten years old.
Apparently, the developers do not mind to think ahead and are now experimenting with new designs next-generation game machine. According to the latest Sony news product design is based on the Intel's Larrabee processor will be launched integrated with graphics, unfortunately this time the Intel itself was delaying the launch of the processor.

So most likely Larrabee processor will not be able to compete with the latest processor made by AMD and NVIDIA graphics output.

In addition, the Sony is considering the draft designs based on multi-core CPUs.  
Multi-core or sea-of-gates ASIC arrays
Sony is now seen some designs of the Cell architecture, which has been used in the PlayStation 3. This architecture seems to be more difficult to apply in future implementations, which may have contributed to the PlayStation 3 which has made the company a loss for every PS3 consolesold Slim.

There is no precise and clear information about thelaunch of the Playstation 4. But Sony's own party seemed more circumspect? careful in designing anddesigning the newest console.

Here are some examples of designs and concepts? design of the Playstation 4: PlayStation 4 with the view that very futuritis  
Playstation 4 slim version (the best design concept according to the PlayStation community)

Bajaj Darpan design concept for the Playstation 4
Digital Electronic

Latest Concept Playstation 4
PlayStation 4

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