Indonesian Robot Teams Win In Robot Contest

Indonesian robot teams
Two Indonesian robot teams won first and second in the International competition at Trinity College Fire Fighting Home Robot Contest at Trinity College and RoboWaiter (TCFFHCRC) in Hartford, Connecticut, USA on April 9 to 10 2011. "The government automatically provides educational scholarships to the winners of international competitions as an appreciation, for tuition fees upto the end was released and given an opportunity scholarship continued until S-2," Education Minister Mohammad Nuh told a press conference at his office today. In addition to scholarships, the minister also promised to continue to provide guidance to the scientific research conducted by students.

Support can also be given assistance dalambentuk costs of research.

In a race that Indonesia sent three teams came from Bandung Institute of Technology, Gadjah Mada University and the University of Computer Science, Bandung. Unmitigated, seventh robot brought the Indonesian team succeeded in bringing home the first winner and second in that prestigious competition.

TCFFHCRC is a fire extinguisher robot competition held annually since 1994 earlier. The competition was followed by junior high school students, high school students to practitioners. This year there are 135 robots compete. Several countries participated in the competition such as ASN China, Portugal, Israel, Canada, Mexico and Indonesia.
The competition was divided into several categories, namely category junior division, high school division, senior division, expert, walking division, robowaiterrobowaiter entry and advanced. Indonesian team to set aside its competitors from 41 countries including developed countries like America, Canada, and China.

In this contest, robot inventions by the students collided quickly extinguish the candle flame is placed in the maze. One member of the robot team from Bandung Institute of Technology, Syawaludin Rachmatullah, welcomed the provision of scholarships from this government. This final semester students had already decided to continue his studies. "Want to grab at ITB again with electrical or computer engineering majors," said Syawaludin.
ITB Rector stated Akhmaloka ITB students team won first and second in the category of legged robots. ITB team bring the fire extinguisher robot named Zarqun and he promises to give gifts of money andscholarships for students who won the contest.
"We support them in the future by giving other opportunities," said Akhmaloka.
The UGM team wonin the category of wheeled robots. UGM student-made robot managed to extinguish the candle with the fastest time in three different configurations. While the team from the University of Computer Science won first prize and the secondfor the category of robot waiter.

Indonesia robot team appearance in the event that the expense Events Calendar after last year's vice-UGM and ITB last year won the Intelligent Robot Contest Indonesia (KCRI), an annual event held by the Directorate General of Higher Education (Higher Education) Events Calendar. In recognition of his victory, said Moh.Nuh, Events Calendar to send both teams in international competitions Fire Fighting Home Trinity College Robot Contest and Robowaiter in the United States.

In addition to being financed Events Calendar robot team, participating at their own expense to compete with the robot team of Indonesian Computer University (UNIKOM), Bandung, which sent three robots in which two and they also won first prizeand second to Robowaiter Entry-level category andfirst prize for the category of advanced so that the seven robots from Indonesia all have the title.

Victory Secret Indonesian Robot Teams
Syawaludin Ramatullah, Samratul Fuadi,Aslih Damaetri and Dody Suhendra are four students that scent ITB Indonesia in an international robot competition.

Their firefighting robot design requires two years of research, so natural that succeeded in becominga champion. Syawaluddin explain this robot research began in the late 2008 and spend up to IDR 60 million of research funds. While the funds to make the six-legged robot to cost IDR 20-40 million. "The cost to build a black robot cost IDR 20 million while the red IDR 40 million. The red is more expensive because the quality of the instruments are better," he said, Thursday, April 14, 2011.

Both robots use Atmell processor as the "brain" or micro controller of the robot. Programs such as themovement incorporated into these processors.

These robots will use the principle of bad to move. For the motion sensor, both the robot emits ultrasonic sound, the reflection of sound will be processed robot to measure the distance of the room and not hit. Mean while, to trace the source of the fire, the two robots are installed ultraviolet and infra red sensors as many as five pieces.

As for the hinge legs move, the second robot using servo motors imported from Singapore. "Servo motor was only reached IDR 1,1 million. At least onerobot takes 22 servo motors to move and partly in the reserve. For the servo motor alone is about IDR 22 million .." he explained. Supervising team of robots Indonesia, Kusprasapta Mutijarsa explain both the robot should be resetting upon arrival in America. Significant weather differences between Indonesia and the Hartford, Connecticut, United States making these sensors must be re-setting. "When I arrived in America, censorship had stalled due to differences in temperature. The temperature difference little effect on the sensor robot to find the source of the fire. For the past two days beforethe match we did re-setting of the sensor and do the exercises in your hotel room," said the man who Sony is usually addressed.

Samratul Fuadi admitted on arrival in the United States was inferior to see robots that become rivalsin the contest. Fuadi even see the contingent of Portugal made a unique robot that uses the Iphone as a processor and sensor. "Unique and sophisticated robots because it uses the Iphone but it turns out the pitch failed to carry out its mission. The advantage of our robot to walk and move faster precision, perhaps because of his research over the past two years," he said.

Zarqun, black robot is a third generation robot while the red robot is Yaqun fourth generation that are specially made to represent Indonesia for this contest.
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Source: VIVAnews. Editor translate by Roni.


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