Apple Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

Mac OS X 10.7 codenamed Lion is new operation system from Apple that was announced in October 2010 ago. The operating system is still under review at this time developers, many fundamental changes in terms of user interface.
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Inspired by the success of embedded operating systems into the iPhone and iPad, IOS, Apple put a lot of the elements of IOS into LION. The interesting thing is Apple's efforts in uniting experience using the IOS operating system into this eighth. Experience using iPad is fun, fast, and most importantly the user interface made by Apple in the IOS is very easy to use even by small children though.

Easiness is what gives the idea for Apple to include many elements of IOS into this new operating system.

Here are some interesting features in Mac OS X 10.7Codename LION :  
New homes for all Mac applications, Launchpad can be accessed directly from the dock. When pressing the Launchpad, all open windows will disappear gradually replaced by a full screen display of all applications within Mac's.

Full-Screen Apps
Inside the iPad all applications will be fully open on the screen, the LION it is also adopted. We can make all full screen applications like iPad, switching among applications can be done by sweeping your finger on the track pad.

Mission Control
This is an interesting feature in the LION. In Mission Control, Dashboard, Full-Screen Apps, Desktop, and all running applications displayed in a window and used as a group, this will allow users to view all the activities that run in Mac.

With AirDrop sharing files between mac users to be easy, simply press the airdrop then mac will automatically search for other mac users who use the airdrop and file sharing can be used directly without the need to apply the settings in the options file sharing.

Gestures and Animations
Completion of pre-existing multi-touch, with additions in effects that will make all activities using multi-touch track pad Apple's real impressed.

Auto Save When working on a document then we will always perform the function save (save) manually and sometimes forget to save the document and there goes the work that has been painstakingly done, with features automatic 'save' nothing to worry about forgetting to save the document, because all it will be automatically done by the auto save.

Versions Version saves all changes made when first opened and every hour when creating a document. This feature will record all the changes in the document is done, and can we see any changes that occur in our document creation.

Resume With the resume we no longer need to close the only one we document during a restart after a software update for example, or after installing an application that requires a restart. All documents which we will re-open again as the position before we restart. This function is similar to browsing FireFox restarts during the previous session will be displayed ..
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