Dangerous Gadgets

Dangerous Gadgets
The Following Gadgets Very Dangerous
I believe among you must have one or even have all the gadgets follows below, but do you know that next gadget is very dangerous? Indeed, these dangers can not be directly we feel, but in the long run if the radiation from the following gadget continuously used without knowing how to prevent it must have the following gadgets can be very dangerous for you. Because in the era of digital world, as now, many people who can not live without the help of electronic equipment because the owner's life easier is also supporting a lifestyle that increasingly sophisticated electronic equipment even without conscious can be very dangerous to ourselves.

As said by Nobel prize-winning toxicology expert, Devra Davis, in his book 'Disconnected' reveals that there are five of the most influential electronic device is bad for human health. The disease also varied, ranging from brain disorders to cancer growth.

But do not worry because Davis also includes how to use these objects so as not to be fatal for our health, prevention is better than cure right? The following gadgets are very dangerous, but follow the tips given to reduce its impact, what are Dangerous Gadgets?

1. Mobile
According to Davis's research, the use of mobile phones can damage developing brain cells in children and cause brain tumors in adults. Not only that, the phone also can threaten human populations. How come? According to Davis, the use of mobile phones at least four hours a day can reduce sperm count.

Use the speakerphone or hands-free when calling.

2. Laptops
In addition to the exploding battery or mainboard smoky, laptop problems on human health is a sore eye and head due to radiation screen. In addition, the laptop is placed in the thigh to thigh burn like pot roast. This is because the heat that comes out of the laptop. Worst case is skin cancer.

To avoid sore eyes, turning away from the laptop screen every 20 minutes for 2-3 minutes. Enlarge font if necessary. To avoid burning thighs, buy pillow thigh.

3. IPods
Davis describes his research as saying that listening to music with iPods for an hour and a half to disrupt the hearing, even in the worst case is deaf.

Use foam earphones to muffle the sound came out a little.

4. Video games
Hold the stick game for too long can make your hands red, Davis called it "palm Playstasion". This is caused by moisture because of sweaty palms. While the Nintendo Wii, the most frequent complaint is the shoulder bone loss because it was too excited beating.

On Wii, players previously had to do stretching first. For Playstation, players spread his hands with talcum powder.

5. Computer
Diseases that arise according to Davis is heart problems and obesity because of lack of movement. Muscle spasms also occur because too long never use the mouse or typing the wrong position.

Buy gellpad on the keyboard, do yoga and stretching at recess to loosen the back muscles and neck.

Well, that was a very dangerous gadget along with tips you can employ to prevent it. When we are sick, it would be more trouble later on because the cost is also more expensive, let's cultivate a healthy life from now on, start from yourself with the order of good intentions.

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