Greditor-GR100 Keyboard Pro

Greditor-GR100 Keyboard Pro
Greditor-GR100 Keyboard Pro Advanced To Type and Edit Video HD digital

Anticipating this change in behavior, a South Korean company, CodeAct Co. Ltd., recently introduced a new keyboard that allows users to edit digital video collected from a variety of devices, good videocam or digital camera featuring high-definition video.

Greditor product called Pro GR100 is designed to deal with the growing use of high-definition digital video, designed by adding a few buttons on the right side tool that works for video structuring and managing digital video codec format you wish to edit, coupled , removed, added sound, and others.

Greditor Pro GR100 This also includes software for easy video editing, and completed application and GR GR Player Encoder to move into other mediums such as DVD.
This product also has a jog dial, allowing to switch from one to another video frame in the desired speed users.

An affordable price makes this keyboard interesting to have, easy to use because it only needs to be connected to the USB port, and have other USB ports to add peripheral devices as desired.

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