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Before writing the main article, I'd like to ask all myfriends. How does it feel if life without a mobile phone? Please answer within yourself and imagine ....
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I'm a one of the 5 billion existing mobile phone users in the world and one of the 1 billion users 3G network is the world today. Without mobile phones, how I can contact and be contacted by friends and family.
Admittedly, the current mobile phone becomes the most importantthing for individuals, me, and you guys.

The 3G and smartphone is now a tool to access the Internet. ABI Research predicts, the data access of the Internet in 2014 will be 12 times higher than the total usage in 2008. Indonesia itself is in second place for the biggest Facebook users after the United States and by Yahoo!, in 2010 70% of internet access is done via mobile devices.

Qualcomm Promote Innovation Ecosystem
Qualcomm has played an important role in the development of mobile communication. Almost 25 years, Qualcomm continues to promote the progress of the wireless industry and provide the technology.
Qualcomm and its partners continue to develop the provision of mobile experience a unique and personal.
Cooperation was established with mobile operators, device manufacturers, and conten provider with HTC, Samsung, LG and others.

Snapdragon, revolutionizingthe experience of Wireless
Innovation Qualcomm has created a chipset best in its class, which runs featured mobile phone to smart phones, ranging from tablets, e-books and other.
Qualcomm is chipset solutions portfolio which gives the most complete solution for all communication needs. Snapdragon chipset is a revolutionin the ability of mobile devices. Snapdragon combines performance mobile processing, the power of multimedia, connectivity without boundaries, and efficient power consumption that has not existed before.

Snapdragon processors integrate applications and offers unrivaled processor performance. It's possible to run Snapdragon mobile computing devices a new generation of smaller and thinner than netbooks, and notebooks.
Cooperation of Qualcomm and Microsoft on line launching device Windows 7 Phone is an example of success in integrating both hardware and software to create a more exciting mutimedia.

Tablet Huawei IDEOS S7, powered by Qualcomm
The launch of Huawei IDEOS S7 tablet is the first Android-based 3G output Huawei (Huawei is committed to always issue a superior product). With Snapdragon chipset QSB8250, Huawei IDEOS S7 use the operating system and processor Androdi Eclair 2.1 1 GHz CPU, screen 7''WVGA 800 x 480 capable of displaying 720p HD video at speeds 30 fps. Qualcomm's efforts in integrating hardware and software in Snapdragon chipset, tablet Huawei HSPA-enabled IDEOS S7 is also capable of displaying 3D acceleration is interesting to play 3D games . The tablet also features is one of browser the strongest with a variety of advantages that support the use of a variety of applications; Geolocation and databases.

With these features allow consumers to enjoy advanced wireless experience and complete. Users can open the web contain dynamic and interactive content with ease, communicate with friends and loved ones in an instant through various social media communities, access music, video and games,even monitor and control home through this device . In addition, the power Huawei IDEOS S7 efficient, allowing users to hear music up to 10 hours.

So, Qualcomm,,, Smart Device Simple World
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