Xbox 360 in Nokia Lumia 701, 800 and 900

With the advantage of the Nokia Lumia 701, Lumia 800 and Lumia 900 now you can enjoy your Xbox 360 console even without having to have this. Nokia provides applications Xbox Companion to the three products. With Nokia Lumia, this application users can enjoy to directly from a cell phone. And with this application can do the downloading of movies, music and games directly from the phone. Which contents could be downloaded showing or playing to a display such as television, as the Xbox. Mobile phones became a kind of game console or remote control. Because Lumia is a touch screen mobile phone, all activities can be done with a touch.

Adam Fraser in an article on Nokia Conversations points out that in three of Nokia products that have been integrated into various applications of Microsoft products such as Xbox 360, Xbox Live account, and Xbox Companion. Fraser adds no complicated installation required to be able to enjoy it. The first step is to download an Xbox Companion application at Windows Phone Marketplace. Furthermore, the application was on the phone to connect to Xbox Live. When you are connected, the phone will appear homescreen Xbox. Please choose from, what content will be enjoyed. With the shift to theright, will appear on movie content, music or games. Touch the icon to select an existing residence.

Xbox Companion

Xbox Companion also provides a search feature (search engine) Bing, to allow users to get the information, content or applications. It includes content available on YouTube or Netflix.

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