Windows Phone Marketplace

Windows Phone Marketplace is a service by Microsoft for its Windows Phone 7 platform that allows users to browse and download applications that have been developed by third-parties.

Like much of the new Windows Phone 7 " Metro UI ", the UI is presented in a " panoramic view" where the user can browse categories and titles, see featured items, and get details with ratings, reviews, screen shots, and pricing information.

Windows Phone Marketplace was launched along with Windows Phone 7 in Oct 2010 in some countries. It was reported on October 4, 2010 that the Windows Phone SDK has been downloaded over half a million times. As of October 8, 2011, the Marketplace had more than 33,000 apps available.

With the rollout of Mango ( Windows Phone 7.5 ) the online web Marketplace was unveiled by Microsoft, it offers various features like silent over the air installation of apps to your device.

Windows Phone Apps : EdRover, OpenTable, Trove, Serve, FlightAware, and more..

Windows Phone Games : Implode!, Tiki Towers, Gravity Guy, IonBallEX, Need for Speed Undercover, and more..

Windows Phone Marketplace
Original author(s): Microsoft
Developer(s): Microsoft
Initial release: 21st October 2010
Written in: Custom mix of Silverlight and Microsoft XNA
Operating system: Windows Phone 7
Platform: Windows Phone 7
Size: 33022 apps
Type: Digital distribution
License: Proprietary

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