Ultrabook in 2012, Screen Bigger and Cheaper Price

Microprocessor maker Intel predicts that 50 percent of the amount ultrabook which will be launched in 2012 is more of a large, namely 14 and 15 inches. This contrasts with some ultrabook screen size that has been circulating, which is 13.3 inches. This was disclosed Shmuel Mooly Eden, Vice President and General Manager of Intel's PC Client Group, the exhibition electronics Consumer Electronics Show ( CES ) in Las Vegas, 10 to January 13, 2012.

Eden also predicts there will be 75 different designs ultrabook and will be sold under 1,000 U.S. dollars or under $ 9 million. The price will be the most decisive factor in the success or failure ultrabook, given that strong competition among vendors ultrabook producers. Even so, sales will undoubtedly get ultrabook high enthusiasm, at least at the end of 2012 thanks to the launch of Microsoft's latest operating system, Windows 8.


In the future, said Eden, ultrabook models will be equipped with a multitouch touch screen keyboard to complement and encourage ultrabook functions to a more multifunctional.

Intel has also announced its partnership with Nuance software company to bring the voice recognition in ultrabook. Such features will begin work on the end of 2012. Nuance is a company that makes Siri, an application that can transform human speech into text messages, create reminders, find information, and so on.

Currently, ultrabook thickness of less than 15 mm, thinner than notebooks and netbooks. Also weighs less than 2 kg. Ultrabook that there is now an amalgamation of the functions of the tablet comfortable to carry anywhere and a laptop that has a high hardware specification.

Source TechSpot

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