LightPad G1 Change Mobile Phone to Notebook

LigtPad G1
LightPad G1 is a device about the size of A4 paper that can turnyour phone into a notebook. QP LightPad utilizing technology Pico Projector in transferring the image onto a screen measuring 11 inches by putting the projector in the back.

By using the LightPad G1 that utilizes pico a media viewer will display the necessary consumption is very low, so that makes it possible for energy-efficient. Eg: to display 500 nits requires only 2.5 watts of power below. In addition, thin form factor and light weight provides comfort in use. With this device, the LightPad G1 image display can be projected onto the wall and produce images equivalent to a TV 60".

LightPad G1 also is mounted Qwerty keyboard so it does not rely solely on cell phones qwerty. In addition, LightPad G1 also supports to all mobile smartphones such as IOS, Android, WinMo, or BlackBerry using HDMI/HML connection. LightPad G1 is with 854x480 resolution and for the next generation of LightPad G2 has a resolution of 1280x720 HD.

Specifications LightPad G1
  • Brightness in Rear Projection mode, 11" with 540 nits 2.5W
  • Rear Projection Screen gain with 3.5
  • Brightness in Front Projection mode with 18lm
  • Resolustion 854x480
  • Interface HDMI/MHL
  • Mechanical dimensions 257x207.5x12.0mm
  • Weight 400g
  • Color Gamut 100% on NTSC
  • Suppor smartphone with HDMI/MHL output


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Because people are now switching from mobile phone to notebook. LightPad G1 is also one of them and people are well accepted to it. SO that LightPad G1 change the mobile popularity and increased the notebook popularity.


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