Gamepad 60beat | Analog Controller for iOS Games

For you iOS devices user (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) and love to play games in the iOS device, would not feel comfortable when you play with touch screens in the iOS. And to facilitate you play games on IOS, is Gamepad 60beat which is claimed to control the game in the IOS. The shape resembles a gamepad 60beat like PlayStation controller or the console in general.

To use this Analog Controller for iOS Games is very easy, connect the controller in 60beat into the headphone jack port that is in iOS devices. With proprietary technology that uses a headphone jack as an interface, gamepad 60beat able to enhance the experience of playing games in the iOS. And pulled again, this gamepad 60beat does not require battery power source and the gamepad port also provides an audio splitter, which adds to your comfort in playing games, games and music!

For while the number of games that are compatible with gamepad 60beat still limited and the plan, February 2012 the number of compatible games will increase. For the price of 50USD.

Gamepad 60beat Specifications:
headphone jack 3.5mm, dual analog joysticks, D-pad, 10 button action (including 2 on the joystick), ergonomic design, weight 5.5ons, 6x4x2 inc.

Package Contents Include:
Gamepad, Audo Splitter, 4m cable.

Gamepad 60beat

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