MyDragonfly Application for Samsung Smartphones

MyDragonfly - PT.Samsung Electronics Indonesia launched its latest game applications, MyDragonfly for users of the Samsung smartphone or tablet. Launch the application simultaneously in three regions of Indonesia, Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya.

Head of Corporate Marketing of PT.Samsung Electronics Indonesia, Bayu Willy Santosa said the application is MyDragonfly game applications which can be downloaded via Samsung Apps by using Augmented Reality technology."So the technology that makes the game more interactive and interesting," he said.The application is a game with a collection of animated dragonfly attractive design, one of which is batik patterned. "So as well as to popularize the arts crafts native to Indonesia," said Willy.

MyDragonfly Application

This interactive game designed specifically for use in mobile phones Samsung Galaxy series. Samsung Galaxy is the one used as a virtual crawler dragonfly. It's easy, simply by pointing to the corners of the room screen to search for various types of dragonfly that looks as if flying. Users can also send each other Dragonfly collection that has been collected.
In the year 2011, over 10 billion applications downloaded by users of Android-based smartphoneor tablet around the world. This trend indicates a very high use of the application so that it becomes a great opportunity for local application developers.

MyDragonfly application launch event in Jakarta held in conjunction with Car Free Day event enlivened by the three clubs community skates.With the dragonfly costume, 151 people around the round about HI while roller skating to attract the attention of residents.

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that app is really fun to use. i thought it is an app designed for android devices generally. isn't it??


yes mr.Umar, this app for android... Thanks