Ultrabook, "The Next Big Thing" in 2012?

Why ultrabook become The Next Big Thing in 2012? With the advantages possessed by a ultrabook, the right size, thin, lightweight, has a cork design and elegant but still has the remarkable ability, would be the best choice that can be done by consumers. Laptop or Computer with the ability to super-complete ideal can be realized in many ways depending on each user's laptop or computer that might have their own dreams.

The ability of a super-sophisticated laptops into innovation for Intel to launch an initiative that is expected to meet the criteria laptop or computer is ideal. And now it comes as a breakthrough that is on an Acer Aspire Ultrabook ultrabook S3.

Brata Rafly, Sales Director, Intel Indonesia, said the Ultrabook would become "The Next Big Thing" will be something that has a huge impact in 2012. In Indonesia, there have been several types of Ultrabook are present in the market. Acer Aspire S3 which is the first Ultrabook are present in Indonesia. "Ultrabook is indeed appropriate to meet the needs of consumers in the present. In addition to instant, consumers also need the performance," said Daniel Rustandi, Director, Marketing Division, Acer Indonesia.

Ultrabook indeed has the form of a thin, lightweight and portable design that 'elegant'. In addition, long battery life and processor performance is quite powerful. Consumers in Indonesia was said to have a great interest in these devices. Wisman Odhin, IT Analyst from Pazia computer distributor, said Ultrabook attracted many consumers who want to buy a laptop. "When they come in, look around Ultrabook. It seems to be more attractive to them than other notebooks that seem mediocre," he said when met at Pazia Store, fX, Jakarta.

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