SOPA-PIPA Impact in Indonesia

Anti-Piracy Act or Stop Online Privacy Act (SOPA) and Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA) will apply in the United States. But echoes down to Indonesia and make some people worried. Actually, what impact this beleid for Internet users in Indonesia?

Senior Researcher of Information and Communications Technology Partnerships Indonesia or ICT Watch, Donny Budhi Utoyo said for the majority of users of social media in Indonesia do not feel the SOPA-PIPA impact in Indonesia. But for those who use the internet as a source of information certainly affected. Because sites like wikipedia, wikileaks, or youtube should be able to ensure that it does not contain content that violates copyright.

Once discovered a site containing content that violates the copyright, then the risk will be sued and could end with the closing until the termination of the flow of business. 'Initial intention of this Act either to protect copyright, "said Cyber Journalism lecturer at Bina Nusantara University. But the potential damage could spread to everywhere, more than the original purpose, the protection of copyright.

This isi SOPA?

Influence is felt for expressing shame (whistleblower). Crime data that was launched from a site owner could be prosecuted on charges of copyright infringement. "It was disturbing to freedom of expression and access to information," said Donny. In fact, he went on to servers located in Indonesia could be affected if load content from the U.S. that could potentially violate copyrights.
Government of the United States can ask the court to block access to websites Indonesia because it contains content that violates copyright. The effect is a source of advertising, the buyer until the visitors from the country of origin of this so Barack Obama has dropped dramatically.

Founder, Enda Nasution explained that SOPA-PIPA means too many restrictions. "The site-site data collectors haja longer with content that is not exposed to verify the claim," he said. Nefore uploading the content on a site will be a lot of stage verification stating that no element of copyright infringement. Later, Enda added, in any search engine looking for him then access the power goes down. Since the SOPA-PIPA prohibit links which contain elements of copyright infringement.
"Yet it is undeniable, much netter from Indonesia who used the site from the United States," said Enda.

Source MYahoo Indonesia translate.

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