Tomorrow, iPhone 4S in Indonesia Market

Tomorrow, iPhone 4S in Indonesia market there are two types of iPhone 4S colors offered are black and white. As quoted from iBox Indonesia Twitter account (@ iBoxIndonesia), Apple officially selling the iPhone 4S only to the two leading operators in Indonesia, Telkomsel and XL. As for price, Telkomsel take price iPhone 4S 16GB is IDR 7.7 million, 32GB is IDR 8.8 million and 64GB is IDR 9.9 million. XL while the price of iPhone 4S is slightly more expensive. That is because the price includes a data packet has to offer. The price for iPhone 4S 16GB is IDR 7.999 million, 32GB is IDR 9.199 million and 64GB is IDR 10.399 million.

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The arrival of the iPhone 4S in Indonesia raises curiosity of the public. The proof, the phrase "Harga iPhone 4S Telkomsel" a Trending Topic on Twitter.

Though it was leaked on the internet, Public Relations Manager of Corporate Communications, XL Axiata, Henry Wijayanto, still not officially divulge the price of the iPhone 4S. Prices will be announced officially tomorrow. "Wait for tomorrow, we are bound by contract with an authorized distributor. So can not divulge the official price, "said Henry. GM Corporate Communications SingTel Ricardo Indra also does not explain the price of iPhone 4S Telkomsel. It is also under contract with Apple and should not explain the price before the official launch. Related to a cheaper price than XL, Indra considers that it has become an agreement between SingTel and Apple. "I do not know the price of the iPhone 4S from the operator side, but the price is our contract with Apple. The point should be equally beneficial to both parties, "said Indra.

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