Ultrathin Prepare To Compete Ultrabook

Ultrabook has been the main attraction for a computer device, after some manufacturers create these products, now the company's microprocessor maker Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is not letting Intel Ultrabook developed, strolled away tomaster the global laptop market. AMD will create a similar product that is thinner than Ultrabook. Ultrathin Prepare To Compete Ultrabook.

During this Ultrabook is known as a trademark created by Intel, referring to the super thin and light laptop. Similarly, the MacBook Air from Apple. At the exhibition of electronic Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2012 in Las Vegas, United States, AMD is showing off the product, which was named Ultrathin. This product uses a high-specification hardware.
Chips used in Ultrathin named Trinity, which will available in a choice of dual core and quad core processors. Trinity combinesthe x86 microprocessor architecture with 32-nanometer process technology. The graphics card is integrated and supports Microsoft DirectX 11 graphics technology. The processor used is the development of the Bulldozer architecture, which was released last year.

AMD Ultrathin

Problem of power consumption, AMD claims the chip Trinity just need the power consumption of 17 watts. Approximately equal to the power consumption of Intel chips Ivy Bridge on ultrabook. The issue of power consumption is an important factor, because Intel has always keep ultrabook as energy-saving devices.

About the price is equally important. In 2011 and sales are still sluggish due ultrabook the price is too high. AMD Marketing Manager Raymond Drumbeck said, Ultrathin will sell for around500 U.S. dollars, or about 4.5 million rupiah. Prices are relatively cheap this becomes gap for AMD to steal Intel's target market. However, Drumbeck reluctant to provide information when ultrathin will be released.

So, we wait for the emergence of Ultrathin. Is it really able to compete ultrabook thin notebook best cheap prices ( ultrabook notebook tipis harga murah terbaik ) from Intel or vice versa?

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