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Apple vs Samsung feud seems to be a middle-tengh own story developments and advances in communications technology, and yesterday Apple sued Samsung back in district court Dusseldorf, Germany. This time, Apple will file a lawsuit related to the Samsung smartphone models of the Galaxy 10 family. This was disclosed Peter Schtz, a spokesman for Dusseldorf district court. Unfortunately, he did not give detailed information about the smartphones Galaxy 10 series to be sued by Apple. Schtz just say, Apple claims that the 10 products that look very similar to the iPhone.

Effects of the feud had led some countries to stop selling the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tab in September 2011 ago. Because, Apple claims the product infringes a design patent, the look, and feel the iPad. So with the event, Samsung did some modifications to the tablet display, and product modifications, named Galaxy Tab 10.1N (added the letter 'N' i nthe background). But even then, Apple was also satisfied. Company founded by Steve Jobs is filing a motion to block the Galaxy Tab 10.1N. And, in December 2011, the judge issued the initial ruling that the Galaxy Tab 10.1N design does not violate Apple's patents in Europe.

Apple vs Samsung

The trial of the case of Apple vs Samsung smartphone will be performed again before the month of August 2012. While the case of tablets will resume in September.
In Australia, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 was blocked since July 2011. Samsung has twice delayed the introduction of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 because Apple. However, approaching the moment of Christmas 2011, the Australian court to stop the ban on the sale of the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

While in her home country (U.S.), Apple has not managed to block the sale of Samsung.

Samsung is not the only Android smartphone vendors who clashed with Apple-related patents. HTC and Motorola are also attacked by Apple through the United States International Trade Commission or the International Trade Commission (ITC). At last in December 2011, ITC has decided that HTC violated one of Apple's technology patents. If HTC does not immediately remove the technology, then started 19 April 2012, HTC is prohibited from importing products into the United States.

As for the case of Apple vs Motorola, the initial decision ITC stated that some of the smartphone made by Motorola does not infringe three patents Apple. However, Motorola has not been able to feel completely relieved, because this was the initial decision. Final decision still to be determined by the Commission consisting of six people.

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