The Best Mobile Application in 2012

best mobile application in 2012
Now the year 2012! Before Android appears, before plunging in competition BlackBerry smartphone and while Nokia still dominates the mobile market, has many emerging applications, either the official application or other application providers. And now, the application-specific of mobile applications grow more sophisticated as the development of a cell phone. Here are the best mobile applications that will be widely used for mobile phones in 2012 according to the Digital Electronic Info :

Mobile Browsing
According of Gartner, the use of mobile browsing in 2013 will increase to 80% from current 60% rate. Given this increase, it shows that the more mobile phone users use mobile phones to access the interner, like opening or updating a blog social networking via mobile phones.
Note: almost 50% of articles in the Digital Electronic Info is updated via the phone.

Mobile Search
Searching through the mobile phone is nothing new. Some search services other than Google, Yahoo, or Bing is now accessible via mobile phones. Like Google and Yahoo, for now almost all been mobile application.

Mobile Instant Messaging (IM)
Although still less by Short Message Service, but did not rule IM will form the second choice in communicating the message.

Mobile Banking and Payments
The use of these apps will increase along with an increase in online business world is growing rapidly today. No need to open a web if only to make payments via PayPal or conduct transactions on eBay, all can be done via phone.

Mobile Advertising
This is the most powerful evidence, when you access the Internet via the phone, you'll see the mini-display ads on your mobile screen. One of them, 4shared mobile applications that have implemented it. Income figures as an advertiser or a publisher will be increased if the ads displayed through the phone.

Location-Based Service (LBS)
The perceived benefits of this system is very useful for those of you who want to know a place or location, find home address, favorite places or highways can be done via GPS.
Myself often use the online map or use an existing navigator on my phone just to find the address of a friend who is on Facebook.

Near Field Communication (NFC)
Not to be the most important part that can be used by mobile users, but applications will be one feature that will exist in the phone.

That's the best mobile applications in 2012 which will be widely used and exploited by mobile users in internet access.

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