Sony Tablet S Now Available for Pre-Order, shipping September 16th

Sony Tablet S could not inflicted been reasonably all for consumers' hands as we previewed it last week , but we can only single suppose withthe intention the company's currently finally gotten things sorted out, as the tablet is available for pre-order including a promised September 16th ship date.

Sony Tablet S currently includes Amazon in addition to Sony's site, as supply as Best Buy and Future Shop in Canada which are all listing a vaguely shortly September 23rd availability appointment for the country (but the constant $499 and $599 price tags.

As expected of Sony Tablet S, persons attracted in the smaller, dual-screened Tablet P instead still inflicted a bit more coming to do

Top Features Sony Tablet S : 9.4" touch screen, Wi-Fi®, universal IR remote, latest Android™ platform, Sony Entertainment Network with Music Unlimited, Video Unlimited and games for PS Certified devices and this blog has article that you read about elated reading

Sony Tablet

source: Sony Store

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