Autom lady-bot will help you lose weight, love you regardless

This little cutie is so adorable from Autom!
Autom, the 15-inch talking droid we first caught a glimpse of last year, is back and available for pre-order. Using the LCD touch screen, hungry dieters are prompted to enter daily calorie consumption and exercise habits.

Using the LCD touch screen, hungry dieters are prompted to enter daily calorie consumption and exercise habits.

With face-tracking capabilities and a killingly sweet death stare, Autom is always watching, which might just make you feel guilty enough to skip the dip.

The lady bot costs $195 for the deposit, $668.46 for the device and another $79.95 monthly, though early birds can get 6 months free and ten percent off the monthly charge for ordering on the company's website. Slated to ship in 2012, apparently aiding the impending robot apocalypse doesn't come cheap.

Autom™ creates an ongoing, supportive relationship with a user through daily conversations that evolve over time.

Autom™ is our weight loss coach, designed to motivate a user to stick with their diet for much longer than existing weight loss solutions.

Autom™ has been shown to greatly increase a dieter's chance of success by providing the continuous, engaging support that hundreds of millions of people need to reach their weight loss goals. This will help people significantly reduce the serious health care problems and shortened life span associated with excessive weight. As obesity and chronic illness reach epidemic proportions around the world, our brand and products will be positioned as a new, intuitive technology that can provide much needed help and support to individuals trying to overcome or manage these conditions.

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Intuitive Automata is introducing the new version of Autom™. Autom™ is a personal coach designed to learnabout you over time, adapting to your needs and daily activities. She keeps track of what works for you so that you can lose weight and then keep it off.

Autom™ has a short conversation with you every day to help you keep track of your eating and exercise quickly and simply. She provides feedback, advice, and encouragement to keep you motivated.

No two conversations with Autom™ are alike. She is constantly adapting to you to better understand what will help you stick with your diet and exercise program. A randomized, controlled medical study showed that individuals using Autom™ to help keep with their diet were much more successful than those who used more traditional methods, like a paper log or a computer program.

Want one of your own? Autom™ won't be on retail shelves for a little while yet, but we'll be taking pre-orders soon. If you want more information, sign up for our mailing list here or send us an e-mail telling us why you would like to be one of our first customers at .

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