LignUp Multi Collector MacOS

LignUp Multi Collector is instantly working on it's improvement. You can always ask us for a new functionality, additional predefined categories, import and export formats or just send us your existing database and we will import it manually in shortest terms.

Highlight and Features on LignUp Multi Collector and manage what your choice :
    Choose between dozens of categories or create custom one for your own needs.
  • Make photo of your items directly from your web camera, and edit your images using embedded image editor.
  • Search online information and capture images directly from program, use Google, eBay and Amazon to find proper images.
  • Create reports and print personal pages for any piece of your collection, export full database to browsable HTML site.
  • Create and manage smart filters using various logical combinations of parameters.
  • Do you like to start a private collection? That is fine - now you can control database access and protect it with the password.
  • Customize the application skin and reports, choose by yourself, how they will look.

source: LignUp

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