One-Stop Shop, PayPal New Payment System

PayPal launches payment system using mobile devices (mobile payment).This system does not use the technology in near-field communication(NFC) which is in smartphones. System called the One-Stop Shop uses smartphones and other mobile devices to scan product barcodes and authorize payment through PayPalMobile account.

In additional, users can also avail of a credit card scanning terminals normally found in stores.
How is use One-Stop Shop system? The user enters the phone number and PIN on the keypad terminal proficiency level. This is in lieu of frict in credit card. PayPal does not depend on NFC technology because, according to Scott Thompson, president of PayPal, so that consumers can make payments with any device.

PayPal, One-Stop Shop System

Competitors PayPal such as Google, MasterCard, Visa, and others, as the organizer of mobile payment, NFC uses that have been buried in the smartphone. PayPal is currently the company's online payment service with noless than 100 million subscribers. On his blog, Thomson noted that PayPal's products and services more details can be seen in X.commerce Innovate Conference held on 12-13 October 2011 in San Francisco.

In there, visitors can test the product and service PayPal and its own experience with a new way to shop. "We all know that shopping is fun, but not when making a payment," wrote Thompson in his blog. "No one likes standing in queues. No one likes to wait for payment processing in restaurants. At PayPal, we want you to be free from the cash register."

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