LinkCollector is a portable bookmarks manager that can be installed on a workstation or a USB Drive.

The program will help you import bookmarks from supported browsers and store them in a standalone database. You can use your bookmarks on any computer, at home or at work. LinkCollector can also work with portable browsers and with browsers installed in the system.

LinkCollector features:
  • Import bookmarks from such browsers as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome
  • Import from such file formats as HTML (bookmarks), SQLite (Firefox and LinkCollector bookmarks), URL (Internet Explorer Favorites), JSON (Chrome bookmarks),ADR (Opera bookmarks), as well as earlier versions of LinkCollector
  • Export all bookmarks into the HTML (bookmarks) file format from program and any supported browser (also from PC and Portable)
  • Export selected bookmarks into the HTML (bookmarks) file format
  • Manage and synchronize bookmarks of such browsersas Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome
  • Fast search
  • Find and manage duplicates
  • Find and manage dead links
  • Create and manage own favorite bookmarks
  • Encode the bookmarks file
  • Create backup files for LinkCollector, Firefox, Opera and Chrome bookmarks
  • Get bookmark data from web pages (capture screenshots, save titles, favicons and check URL availability at any time)

License: Shareware
OS: Windows 7/Vista/XP
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