Samsung Galaxy Note Tops Benchmarks (video)

I had a feeling the Samsung Galaxy Note would be a secure on the benchmark scene, but currently its unsurprisingly fast results are documented. Greek site TechBlog installed Quadrant Standard on a of the phonebuzz/ tablet fusion sample units at IFA 2011 and bent a benchmark notch of 3,624, just everywhere i'd guess a Sammy-branded 1.4GHz dual-core CPU to aim up; in comparison, our assess of the 1.2GHz Samsung Galaxy S II bent an outcome of 3,396. Here's the letdown: the Galaxy Note is probable to top the charts in pricing as well, as it's life reported that we must think the device trade up in Scandinavia by year's aim for no reduced than $1,000 in the US and this blog has article that you read about pierre cardin pc 7006

Samsung Galaxy Note

Source: SammyHub, TechBlog

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