Synrgic Phone T100

Although Synrgic not including phone line with a famous brand of China mobile phone output but is trying to break the power of well-known brands in the market. Synrgic Phone T100

By bringing lunch a few features that are embedded in this phone, very deservedly Synrgic Phone T100can be a second choice you have.

Sporting a 4.3-inch 960 x 540 display, the device runs an undisclosed version of Gingerbread on a dual-core 1.2GHz Tegra 2 processor, packs 1GB RAM, up to 32GB of internal storage (due to an omitted microSD card slot), and 1.3 megapixel front-facing / 5 megapixel rear camera set-up capable of 720p video capture

There's also an HDMI and USB port, ample 1500mAh battery, WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G GSM / WCDMA frequencies on board. If the gossip is to be believed, this phone'll touch down on retailers' shelves sometime in October or November and this blog has article that you read about asus xtion

Synrgic Phone T100

    Features of Synrgic Phone T100
  • High quality, Slim Wild screen Smart Phone (Thicknesswithin 10mm)
  • CPU Tegra250 1G Dual Core CPU
  • OS Android2.3
  • LCM 4.0” or 4.3”(854x480 or 960x540)
  • TP Capacitive TP, Two points capacitive screen Sensor Distance sensor, 3 axis accelerometer, 4 direction
  • iNand 32g Built-in
  • RAM 1G
  • Camera 1.3M front, 5.0M back, autofocus, LED flash, mirror for self-taking
  • Video REC 720P (or above) available
  • Telephone Module
  • Qualcomm chipset, GSM / WCDMA, 6 frequency range
  • GPS Support
  • Bluetooth2.1 support
  • WIFI 802.11 N
  • IO Slot HDMI﹑USB (charge, earphone, data link)
  • SPK Speaker, earphone, microphone
  • Button Power, Sound, Return, Home, Menu
  • Battery More than 1500mAH
  • Weight Within 150g

Source: ChiniTech

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