Media Center Will be in Windows 8

Finally the Windows provide confirmation about the Windows Media Center (WMC) that will be embedded into Windows 8

Confirmation about Windows Media Center, I get from the post that written by Steven Sinofsky, the President of the Windows Divisionhas confirmed in a blog post that the Media Center will return for yet another go 'round in Windows 8

Although confirmation of the Windows Media Center will be incorporated into Windows 8, there is no certainty about the media that will dibagun into Windows 8 and this blog has article that you read about netflix

Windows Media Center

Although the media in Windows 7 also will continue to be included also in the windows 8 but will not be released again about it.

Media Center will not be part of the first pre-release builds. Some other features/capabilities will not be in the first pre-release builds including: Windows 7 games, DVD Creator, upgrade setup, Dot Net 3.5 (Note there are perhaps a couple of other relatively low profile items but just wanted to hit the major ones here). These are engineering decisions as well as business decisions

source: MSDN blog

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