iPhone iax Client

iPhone softphone is designed specifically to leverage the iPhone's unique capabilities and easy way to makea iPhone voip call by using iPhone devices.

Featuring acomfortable and simple user interface iPhone IAX Client lets you connect your iphone to standard landline or mobile phones The iPhone voip client is meant for service providers who can use this dialer andget it integrated with their existing IAX servers.

iPhone softphone works just like standard IAX Softphones i.e. it gets registered on the IAX server and then let the authentic caller makes calls. This softphone also turns your iPod touch into a VoIP phone, so you can make cheap or even free phone calls over the internet at anytime, and from almost anywhere.The iPhone need tobe connected to the internet either through GPRS/EDGE/Wi-Fi/3G.

Features iPhone iax Client
*. Customized with company logo/name
*. Unlimited user license
*. IAX protocol support
*. Making and receiving calls
*. Codecs supported: g711,GSM
*. Call timer
*. Recent Call
*. Phone Book

Source: AdoreSoftPhone

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