iDeer | iPhone to Mac Transfer Pro

iPod to Mac Transfer software can transfer iPod to Mac with high speed. Transfer music songs, movie videos, play lists and photo pictures from iPod, iPod Touch to iTunes on Mac computer.

iPod to Mac Transfer detects contents on your iPod/iPod Touch automatically, and allows one click to start to synchronize transfer process. iPod to Mac Transfer also allows you to export photos anywhere on your computer.

Crash Recovery iPhone to Mac Transfer Pro
iPod to Mac Transfer is easily used for iTunes recovery after computer crashes. Just simply download, install, and click auto transfer. All your data will be back as before.

Rebuild Playlists iDeer iPhone to Mac Transfer Pro
Copy the whole playlists from any iPod devices into iTunes. And the duplicates detection feature avoids copying too many copies of the track.

Backup iPod/iPod Touch Contents
iPod to Mac Transfer backups music, videos, play lists and photos from iPod to iTunes on Mac OS X computer. Transfer music, videos from iPod to Mac.

Copy Photos
iPod to Mac Transfer allows you to easily transferphoto files from any iPod, iPod Touch onto you computer.

Avoid Duplicates
Check tracks already in iTunes play lists to avoid duplicates during synchronization. Avoid duplicates during copying tracks from iPod to Mac.

Audio & Video Preview
Preview media directly on your iPod Touch and iPod without copying to your computer.You can now watch movie or listen music immediately, no need to wait for copying to temporary file.

Easy and Fast Transfer
Transfer file from iPod to Mac with one click to start transfer process. Play any music and videos on iPod to Mac automatically. View photos as thumbnails. Show album, date, play count, track title information.

Auto Updates
Auto check for updates of new versions free. Since Apple Inc always changes how iPod works constantly. iPod to Mac Transfer is updated as frequently to adapt those changes. iPod to Mac Transfer user will have the benefits to free updates to avoid buying the software more times.

Multiple iPod Devices
Support multiple iPod devices, and switch among these devices very easily.

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