SharpE 0.8 RC2

About SharpE 0.8 RC2
SharpE is a shell replacement which is developed in Delphi 6. The goal of the SharpE project is to Create a fast, stable and very graphical shell with lots of configuration options.

    Compatibility Database :
  • XP SP2
  • MSN Messenger client does not behave well with SharpE : The windows resize everytime you minimise, and other strange stuff
  • PowerDVD : control bar doesn't hide in fullScreen
  • Adobe Photoshop and ImageReady 7 : sub-windows can be orphaned by changing desktops
  • TightVNC : when connecting remotely, the bars no longer show up, although everything else behaves normally (including sharpdesk)
  • DC++ : taskbar entry does not disappear when minimizing to tray
  • Quicken 2006 Premier Home & Business - does not show up in taskbar

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