HTC Flyer Honeycomb ROM Leaks, Not For the Timid Tableter

No more of the largest against the HTC Flyer as it launched besides the superfluous $80 the stylus would expense you was intention it shipped including a Sensed-up version of Gingerbread, replacement of the more tablet-appropriate Honeycomb

But, including the Android 3.1-packing Puccini currently official, the Taiwanese manufacturer is working to in the surplus of its inbetweeners up to alacrity and,
as usual, the devs grow to be sprung a leak

There's not greatly information in the ahead of Flyer Honeycomb beta the just dropped on MoDaCo, courtesy of Paul O'Brien, but it's now packaged up in RUU shape and equipped for flashing. It goes without saying, this is not for the faint of heart. If you cherish things like stability and reliability, it's doubtless preeminent to hold known for an official release. The bold can download it currently at MoDaCo

Download Here

But remeber : It's not recommended to flash this ROM on it's entirety. This is recommended for developers only! Enjoy and this blog has article that you read about vudu ipad....

Source: Android MoDaCo

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