Grade Book Smart Schedule for Android | review

Grade Book is an application that is intended for you who are still studying. The purpose of this application Grade Book is for you to be disciplined set of study time at home and at school in an effective way. If we usually write a paper and then taped disebuah walled room with an application then these Grade Book can be a good alternative where mobile phones are now always go to wherever we go.

Grade Book can also provide data on how many times you do not attend school / college if your routine to enter the data every day into this application. Not just for school schedules, also for the Grade Book test scores can be stored based on the subjects and when you receive the results of the test. By filling out complete data on school grade application then you can see statistics for the development of your score and this blog has article that you read about apple microsoft'.

By knowing how many times you do not go to class and the expected value obtained using the Grade Book can motivate you to be more diligent study in order to get maximum results. Another advantage of this application are Grade Book can be used on the type of Android phones with different resolutions and sizes Grade Book is only 1.2 Mb.

Sources: Android Market

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