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samsung flash memory thick

Samsung Makes Flash Memory 0.6 mm thick
Samsung re-create innovation, which created the flash memorychipthat has a thick cross section is only 0.6 mm. Flash memory is lighter and thinner than 40% memory in general. Samsung put 8 pieces of NAND flash chips with 30 nm technology in one unit of flash memory. The capacity of each unit of flash memory to 32 GB.

Samsung makes the cross-section more than twice the die chip is thinner than the flash memory in general. This is what makes flash memory is thinner than most classmates flash memory. Samsung said memory chip is designed for mobile devices, like mobile phones, smartphones, or PDAs.
They tried tocreate a revolution in the memory capacity of mobile devices.With a very small size but able to store that much data.

PaperPhone | Smartphone thick paper
PaperPhone Smartphone
To make the products that we use the phone as it is very difficult and need accuracy in work, let alone a smartphone with a thin rod, such as paper.. Would need more expertise!

Although there was not possible, this smartphone innovations being made and completed, inventor Roel Vertegaal, director of the Human Media Lab Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. mentioning that smart phones are just as thick paper into the future of smartphone.

In fact, it was predicted would happen within the next 5 years. To the Daily Mail, Vertegaal reveal ''Forget the iPhone and switch to a smartphone that is as thick as paper. PaperPhone this will be a mobile computer that will be very portable.''

With the advent PaperPhone will become a new generation in the computer world.
PaperPhone is claimed to be able to perform the same functions with mobile phones in general. Make a call, mengrim message, play music and to display e-book.

Prototype of this 1mm thick using e-ink technology, similar to those used Amazon Kindle, ebook reader.

''Paperless office will be realized. Everything can be stored digitally and you can put the computer suchas a stack of paper as'' said Verteegal.

This electronic digital technology really ...! For other articles on this blog, please read about AT&T speedy .... thanks a lot.

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