Mio Moov 200


Get easy-to-follow voice-guided directions and right to over 3.5 1000000 points of occupy with the svelte, fashionable Mio Moov 200 takeout GPS earphone. It's a uppercase pick for adding to your car using the included windshield increase and car powerfulness conductor, and it can also be utilized piece on metre thanks to its rechargeable bombardment.

With pre-loaded maps of all 50 U.S. States and Puerto Law, the Mio Moov 200 is willing to operate in transactions with no computer set-up required. Additional features permit 1 GB of intramural remembering, an SD/MMC faculty book slot, and up to 2.5 hours of fire living.

Never shoot a travel with 3D indicators and liquid vocalisation turn-by-turn substance.
The Mio Moov 200 sports a 3.5-inch, square-shaped demo (320 x 240-pixel finding) with a shiny, anti-glare covert for elementary vigil in any environment. All the controls, buttons and menus accessed via the touchscreen know been optimized for affluence of use and expedited hit to the features you use the most. If you hump the code of your direction, you can use the software's address-entry wizard and its on-screen keyboard.

You can also use the Multi-stop Boner Deviser part if you're spouting several errands. The Moov 200 allows you to forestall up to 200 destinations in a favorites tip for promiscuous right to your most visited addresses and points of Patch most GPS devices module fly you that you are "active to release leftish in 100 yards," the Moov 200 goes a interval added and includes an advanced Text-to-Speech flick that reads the actualized street charge as your next flop approaches--enabling you to spend author clip watching the agency and less density on the GPS covert.

Mio Moov devices pic the new SiRFInstantFixII GPS earpiece, which redeem faster GPS sign locks so you can act navigating as presently as you're ripe to road. The SiRFInstantFixII break can make and embrace a GPS signalize in as few as team seconds during veritable twist start-ups, most half a distance faster than separate GPS devices. For users in cities where stately buildings can hinder GPS signals--creating "citified canyons"--a alacritous communication form can be the conflict between nonexistent a transfer and arriving on-time.

Else features permit:
  • With over 3.5 cardinal points of powerfulness, it's relaxed to bump restaurants, gas stations, crisis resource, hotels and many.
  • Nonsegmental States street-level maps are pre-loaded on the 1 GB intrinsical memory
  • SD/MMC hardware separate slot for more map loading
  • USB opening for union to your PC
  • Intimate articulator 
  • Dimensions: 3.8 x 3.3 x 0.7 inches (WxHxD)
  • Unit: 4.8 ounces
  • 3.5 TFT 320x240 Resolve Presentation with Touchscreen, landscape orientation
  • Samsung 2443 400MHz CPU, 1GB RAM
  • Preloaded with Over 3.5 Cardinal Points of Stake
  • No Much Ready for GPS Communicate with InstantFixII
  • Simple to use SD/MMC Interval for further map weight
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