Asus GPU ESC4000 | Server 2U First With 4 GPU NVIDIA in the World

Asus GPU ESC4000

Asus GPU ESC4000 is one of the easiest 2U servers inupgrades with 4GPU NVIDIA Tesla and InfiniBand. This server is petrified among professional users in order to save space and energy as well as high density that supports the use of two CPU. Energy savings of 20% makes Asus GPU ESC4000 as servers are ideal for users who want the best of the performance, efficiency, and environmentally friendly.

From the preceding, Asus GPU ESC4000 work almost doubled with the same needs when compared with other products that class. With advanced performance parallel computing, hardware design and flexible, Asus GPU ESC4000 made to meet the needs of upper-class professionals, such as use in the field of knowledge, weather and financial, health, and other uses.

With the ability of the two CPU that can be installed on the Asus GPU ESC4000 thus improving its performance significantly. With the expansion slot allows use of up to 4 shelves M2050/2070 Tesla GPU board simultaneously, so the Asus GPU ESC4000 computing capability up to 1.07 TFLOPS with Linpack increases.

Although the work significantly, Asus GPU ESC4000 supported with a good cooling using fan control and EPU (Energy Processing Unit) which is useful for optimizing exclusive and limiting power consumption. With a good fan control, control and adjust the system load and temperature, ie the fan will slow down when the system is idle running with low intensity. Thus, it optimizes the cooling and energy savings of 20%.

Asus GPU ESC4000 also use the power supply 80 + Gold double. Therefore, by using two power supplies make interference-free operation in all conditions with power supply that is consistent and efficient.
And, making the GPU ESC4000 is part of the commitment Asus green computing. For other articles on this blog, please read about sms and phone is free with VoxOx .... thanks a lot.

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