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You all must know the function and use Digsby and Skype? What if both were used as a communication tool? VoIP, like all means of communication for the messages present in the application VoxOx, multi-protocol chat, social networking, web mail, and so forth ...

VoxOx services include phone encryption, mobile call-to-mobile or via the website. VoxOx also features a function for recording, forwarding, routing and screening calls, inbound and outbound fax management, Facebook and MySpace as well as IM support.

Users can also re-arrange contacts or merge contacts from different sources. With VoxOx,, users don't have to worry about server load has been used since VoxOx complement of features won the workload of all activities conducted in communicating.

Besides its usefulness in variety, sharing is one thatis often done by Internet users. VoxOx provide a solution to share a different, VoxOx users can share files up to 100MB via download link internally, and then can be shared via e-mail or instant messages. This differs from the direct support of the IM clientsin general.

VoxOx interface is generally better. But there are weaknesses in VoxOx, from the many options available in the settings menu, and not easy to operate and need time to better understand. Like change the font IM, use phone features VoxOx's need points, and users are given 120 points / minute to get started.

With exceptional features, VoxOx, continues to grow and become a threat to the kind of service ...

Prov: TelCentris
Ver: 2.5.3
Last Update: 13/04/2011
Lic: Free
OS: Windows; 7, Vista, XP, iPhone
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thanks for the VoxOx love! Speak free!


Thank you so much for your visiting on my blog,,, yes i has used VoxOx on my iPhone and its so easy to use..


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