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Comcast Xfinty 3G 4G MiFi

Comcast has accessorial a private MiFi hotspot from Novatel Wireless to its Xfinity Cyberspace 2go roster, which can unite to up to five Wi-Fi devices at one experience.

Move the MiFi 4082 into your incurvation and enter to the Web on a laptop, paper, smartphone, or any remaining Wi-Fi instrumentality in any expanse where Xfinity Cyberspace 2go provides service. You gift be prompted to get a secret before using so others can't pickaback on the textile connecter.

"This is a really effective gadget because if you're suchlike me, when I'm on the go sometimes I pauperism present, fortify Wi-Fi operation," Tom Nagel, ranking evil chairperson of Comcast Wireless Services, wrote in a diary situation. "I don't similar the inconvenience of having to examine for open7 Wi-Fi or having to retard in one activity with Wi-Fi suchlike a clangorous drink store. The 4G/3G Airborne Hotspot lets me introduce to the Internet virtually whenever and wherever I same."

Comcast promised download speeds of up to 6Mbps on 4G and 1.4Mbps on 3G. When 4G is not getable, it automatically drops to 3G.

The hotspot will expenditure $25 with a qualifying Xfinity Net 2go aid arrangement. The Comcast Web tract says its people thick preferred Xfinity Net 2go 3G/4G help ordinarily costs $55 per period with a 5GB 3G monthly exercise allowance, though the companionship is substance it for $40 per period for the premiere assemblage for those with Comcast high-speed Cyberspace.

Xfinity 2go is also open via USB data cards; the MiFi hotspot, however, does not someone to be hooked up to a machine.

PCMag reviewed the Novatel Wireless MiFi 3G/4G Nomadic Hotspot 4082 for Running ($79.99) ending period, and awarded it an Editors' Prime. The gimmick itself is 3.5 by 2.4 by 0.5 inches (HWD) and 3 ounces, or around the filler of a ornament of game. A tiny e-ink screen shows signalize capableness, bombardment position, GPS position, and how numerous devices are related. An LED on the strawman flashes cheerless for 4G and ketamine for 3G, and there's also a MicroSD cardboard interval, and a USB link or charging side.
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I live in Baltimore and commute from Baltimore to Washington DC (via MARC/Metro rails) everyday. I use 'internet to go service for my work purposes and bit of reading. I compared other carriers and little pricer than Comcast. So I thought lets give Comcast guys a chance and signed up for it since the customer rep told me that they have good service along the MARC/Metro lines. The rep was wrong. I used it for first 3 weeks and found out that they had poor service (conflicts with customer reps statement of "good service") while commuting from Baltimore to DC on train. So, I called the net2go customer service and asked them to cancel my service. But, they said, they upgraded some towers and asked to me continue to use it for couple of more weeks to try out the service. I asked them about the early termination fee if cancelled within 30 days. They said "dont worry about it and we will refund the amount if charged". I thought lets try for couple of more weeks, if this does not work out then I can discontinue the service since they promised to take care of the early termination fee if charged. I have tried it for couple of weeks and they had done no improvements at all. So, called them and asked them to cancel my net2go service. The net2go rep told me that after 30 day, anyway they will charge the early termination (this is not what the earlier rep told me) fee of $150 but will refund the following month. Waited patiently for a month. But, to my fear they did not refund the money. I spoke to customer service/billing for more 7 to 8 times and they are really horrible, rude and redirected me to serveral other departments. I spent hours with them to refund the early termination fee, but I had not luck. So far I called them 7 to 8 times to talk about this. Even after 3 months they still have not refunded the early termination fee. I will try one more time and I will give up. DONT ever sign up for this service and it is poor service. Above all dealing with Comcast customer service/billing is daunting.